Freestanding & Walk-in Wardrobes & Built-Ins

Our custom wardrobes feature clever solutions for maximising storage space

Custom Wardrobe Solutions

We design and install custom, made-to-measure wardrobes.

Our wardrobes are available in a variety of styles and configurations to suit any space in your home. They feature clever storage and design solutions that maximise the use of the available space.

Freestanding & Built-in wardrobes

For a timeless and traditional look, you can’t go past a wardrobe with hinged doors. These are a popular choice for many home owners, providing easy access to clothes and other wardrobe items.

If you are looking for something a little more contemporary, sliding-door built-in wardrobes are a smart choice. Their compact design is perfect for tight spaces where there is not enough room for traditional hinged doors to open and close

Mirror wardrobes

Mirror door wardrobes reflect more natural light which can make a room feel larger. This makes themy also  It is a great option particularly for small bedrooms. Mirror doors are available for both hinged and sliding-door built-in wardrobes.

Walk-in wardrobes

A walk-in wardrobe is a great addition to your home if you have the space available. It offers the versatility and practicality of a traditional built-in wardrobe with the added benefit of being able to walk around the space. Depending on the size of the room, a walk-in wardrobe can also double as a dressing room. To create a more spacious feel, we can also incorporate low-energy LED lighting.